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I had just finished writing and recording a record with my band Little Big League (littlebigleague.bandcamp.com) and was experiencing difficulty writing new material. The band wasn't really doing anything because we were exhausted. We weren't playing many shows to save up for touring a lot when the record came out.

On May 30th I had a dumpling party at my house where I invited all of my friends to come over and make dumplings. We set up Christmas lights in my backyard and all sat around a lawn table drinking beer and scooping small spoons from a big pot of stuffing and folding them into little dumpling wrappers. I invited Rachel Gagliardi from Slutever and we talked a lot about feeling stuck creatively. I suggested that we start a blog. The conceit was that we wrote, recorded and posted one song every day for the month of June. Two days later there was:

The most important part of the blog was learning how to practice forgiveness. This Isabel Allende quote I read on some blog-- "show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too." that seemed relevant too. Instead of sitting down and creating a list of rules (I've written too many songs in the key of D, no more finger picking, no verse chorus structure, etc. etc.) that completely inhibited me from writing, I just had the pressure of needing to have a finished product by the end of the day to motivate me. Despite my busy work schedule, social obligations, even if I only had ten minutes of free time during the day, they would be spent making sure I got my post for the day.

While there are definitely songs I find completely unlistenable and all around awful, I was very happy with a lot of the material I produced. I plan on developing quite a few with LBL for our second LP. I highly recommend the project to anyone who is feeling creatively uninspired. Habituation is the key.

The album is made up of 28 originals and two covers Day 15 is PAWS' "Sore Tummy", Day 23 is a Liz Phair's "Chopsticks".

Here is a list of some of my favorite tracks from the project:
Day 5, Day 6, Day 10, Day 22, Day 28, Day 30

Dan Hughes made my album cover, Ben Pubusky made my banner!

special thanks to: Peter Bradley my bestest friend who makes me so brave and so powerful, Ian Dykstra my twin Machine, Rachel Gagliardi the coolest girl in Philadelphia.


released June 1, 2013

all songs written and recorded by Michelle Zauner


all rights reserved



Japanese Breakfast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Day 1
To all deflowered women and men
I see your ceremony coming
In bloom

You're looking weary and used
I'm just a shadow in your view

And when I see you I light up like a grocery aisle
Stop saving face when I'm like whatever comes out, comes out
This boat is filling up with water
Track Name: Day 3
I love to watch you work
Zuly with those Puerto Rican eyes
Big as baseballs
Oh it kills me

Who wants a drink? How can I serve you, Chinatown patrons of this karaoke bar?
While I'm around the corner, those Korean women, they'll sell me the flowers I buy to take you out

Zuly, promise me
When we make up all of the money
We'll buy us a pick up and leave this town
Track Name: Day 4
Pegasus come out to play
Tell me if I did something wrong
Did my sneakers kick at your wings?
Just two days ago, we rode towards the sun

Oh pegasus, you're my silver lining
Oh pegasus, you're my golden thread
Oh pegasus, you're all that I wanted
Oh pegasus, just come back to bed
Track Name: Day 5
I wake to find you bathed and dressed
I guess it's no secret, that sharing this bed
Isn't working

Remember that time a bird flew in our house?
We accidentally killed it, trying to get it to fly back out
And for some reason, I am thinking of this now
With you in that door way leaving
Track Name: Day 6
Your boyish reassurance is not reassuring
And I need it
And all of my devotion turns violent
When you go to her, don't expect to come home to me

I can't get you off my mind
I can't get you off in general
Doesn't help that I'm a loser
And every woman seems so beautiful
Love me, love me
Track Name: Day 7
If you think I'm sexy you should say it now (just say I'm sexy)
I'm not the kind to sit around and wait
I know you're scared to feel so much so fast (so much so fast)
Why bear your weapons if you're not promising to bleed

Get that heart
On my tide

Cause Oregon girls never carry an umbrella
Even when it looks like it's going to rain
Oh this Oregon girl, never carries an umbrella
Cause Oregon girls used to raining everyday
Track Name: Day 8
Take off all your clothes and stand right there for a minute
Do you ever look at me and wonder if this is it?
Or if it's a memory, you are remembering a long time from now
Track Name: Day 9
I work a day job, I work a night job, I work inbetween jobs everyday
Amphetamine salts, you get me off, in the worst kind of way

This calls for some drugs
Drugs, drugs
(Oh my god you are just like your father, oh my god you are just like your father)
Track Name: Day 10
Dad brought the rock down on its head
Deer head
Splitting its skull open in half

And the blood shone like VHS tape out of its skull and its severed leg
It was the right thing to do
And if purity was quantified, divide it in half each year you're alive
I was happier before
Not quite sure why it was right
Track Name: Day 11
Dreamed a million dreams last night
So forgive me if I seem weird
Track Name: Day 12
Oh one of these days when the work week gets low
I am taking you out to the movies
And buying everything you want with the money

Tell me I did good baby
You're proud of my eight bucks an hour
You don't need all of that big shit
You just want seats by the aisle
Track Name: Day 13
You look kind of different with your hair like that
I admire the way you look at your new woman
Track Name: Day 14
No man, no woman, no dog, or gun
Will ever make you feel safe as a woman
Track Name: Day 16
Jeffrey's last Christmas, we let him go outside
The dog was slowly dying but we wanted him alive
For just one more holiday season, before we put him down

Jeffrey's last Christmas, we kept calling out his name
But he never came back to us, so a Christmas dog he remains
It was Jeffrey's last Christmas
Track Name: Day 17
Summer unfurls our honeymoon stage
Did you really think those awful things you said?
The heat is causing me to sweat every mental complex I have ever had

Sleeping between you and the AC window unit
Track Name: Day 18
Oh my sweet companion
You should leave me behind
I'm sewn to this harp, and I'm rotting
Waiting for the band to support my lifestyle

And I can't wait to see what you grow up to be
When you grow up
Track Name: Day 19
Financial security isn't something that's within my reach
Look at the moon, look at the moon, look at the moon
Track Name: Day 20
My heart is an emporium
Love for sale deals, deals, deals
Track Name: Day 21
Sue was chewing black gum after giving head
I was on the back porch chewing cherry Bubblicious
Track Name: Day 22
Six, six, six
Sixteen year old kids hudled around the grocery lot
"He punched out my teeth," so you said
So did the evidence; the blood and the dent in the car door from your head

I'm still ashamed don't say to be quiet
More embarrassing is that I forgave him
Track Name: Day 23
Liz Phair "Chopsticks" cover
Track Name: Day 25
I love the way they love each other
Why can't you love me like that?
With a complimentary facial formatting and perfectly suited astrological signs

I hate it when you leave the house

Why are we always watching TV?
When did we get so boring?
Why don't you ever reach for me in bed why don't we ever go out (even to like a Chilis or something)

It's nice to get out of the house
Track Name: Day 27
Won't you please leave that tree in the yard the fuck alone
Track Name: Day 28
Dreaming restaurant dreams where too many people keep coming in
And you're there, you don't know half of what I feel
When you tell me to close my eyes

It's an actors' game where you envision someone that you have done wrong
And say that you're sorry til the guilt is gone
Track Name: Day 29
I don't feel much of anything
I think squirrels are breeding in my ceiling
I hear my roommates making love upstairs
I'll hang myself in the kitchen that'll show them to keep it down
Track Name: Day 30
I wish I could keep you from abusing yourself for no reason

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